Flower Planting 101: Simplifying Your Planting Maps

Flower Planting 101: Simplifying Your Planting Maps

4 Things That Can Happen When You Dress Up Your Throw Pillows

Juanita Douglas

Throw pillows make a space feel homey and comfortable, but they can be huge components in interior design as well. Check out some things that can happen when you dress up your throw pillows with nice pillow covers.

Your Room Can Look Like it Is More Pulled Together 

When a professional interior designer takes on the task of redesigning a room, they work to make sure every small detail works together to create the most impressive end design. Not a single thing in the space that does not have some kind of job to do. Throw pillows are small and can seem obsolete in terms of design, but when they are carefully covered with a certain color, pattern, or design, they can work in unison with other design details. For example, a textured cowhide cover could really mimic the texture of the window treatments to pull the room together. 

You Break Up the Monotony of Solid Color Tones on Larger Furniture Pieces. 

Take a look at most larger furniture pieces where throw pillows would be situated. your couch, your bed, an accent chair, a bench seat — the majority of these pieces are going to take up substantial visual space. Therefore, whatever design or color they are can be predominant in the room. Throw pillows in a solid color are fine, but try to deviate from the colors that are used on the large piece of furniture. Doing so can add much more visual interest to the area. 

Your Personality Can Be Better Portrayed in the Room 

Your home is all yours. You live here, so every space should portray bits of your own personality. The real way to do this is by tending to some of the seemingly small details, just like the throw pillows you have on your sofa, your bed, or even on a well-placed bench in the entryway. For instance, if you love sassy, sort of chic looks, picking up a cheetah cowhide pillow cover to really inject a spark of your personality in the space. 

You Could Get Inspired to Take Your Design in a New Direction 

When you add something fun or even a little funky to your interior design, it can really spur you to get more creative and take the design of the space in an entirely different direction. Using the above-given example, if you do go for cheetah cowhide throw pillow covers, that added dash of personality could inspire you to inject more chic pieces or safari-style textiles in the room.   


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