Flower Planting 101: Simplifying Your Planting Maps

Flower Planting 101: Simplifying Your Planting Maps

How to Clean and Maintain Glass Balcony Railings

Juanita Douglas

Typically found in upscale hotels, condominiums, or apartments, glass balcony railings look both elegant and modern. They generally feature stainless steel brackets and other hardware, along with clear glass panels that allow you to see through to the street, beach, garden, yard, or any other outdoor landscape. 

Although glass railings are built to be sturdy, they may require a bit more maintenance than metal or wood railings as they easily show fingerprints and other markings. If the railings face a busy street, they may also have some black buildup from car exhaust. Water spots also tend to show up easily on glass panels. 

Glass railings may either be completely clear, or feature decorative etched patterns, such as flowers, leaves, swirls or other designs. No matter what type of glass railing you have, the most important thing is to clean up any prints, dirt, marks, or any other debris as soon as possible to reduce buildup. 

Following are some tips for getting your railings sparkling clean:

1. Remove Rainwater

To prevent unsightly water spots from forming on the glass panels, use a squeegee tool to remove any excess water after it rains. Position the squeegee at the top of the railing and slowly pull it down, shaking off the water when you get to the bottom. Repeat this process all the way across the railing. 

You can also use this technique to remove water from the glass after cleaning it.

2. Clean With Dish Soap

On a weekly basis, or more often depending on your climate and if you have small children, clean the glass railings by add a few drops of a grease-fighting dish detergent to a bucket of warm water. Dip a clean, soft sponge into the soapy solution, squeeze out the excess water, and rub it over the glass using small circular motions. 

Next, moisten another sponge with plain water and use it to remove any leftover soap from the glass. Repeat the process until all of the residue is gone, and either use a squeegee or an absorbent cloth, such as a chamois, to dry the glass. 

3. Deep-Clean with Vinegar

If some marks or build-up remain after using the soap mixture, remove the stubborn spots with distilled white vinegar, which will impart a streak-free shine. Simply mix one part hot water with one part vinegar in a bucket, and apply it to the glass using a sponge. Try to avoid cleaning the railings in direct sun, as it can cause spotting.

Once again, use a squeegee or absorbent cloth to remove any excess moisture. 


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