Flower Planting 101: Simplifying Your Planting Maps

Flower Planting 101: Simplifying Your Planting Maps

Three Corner Table Designs To Consider

Juanita Douglas

There are lots of pieces of furniture that you can place in the corner of one of the rooms in your home to give it a cozy feel, while also offering functionality. A local furniture store will carry lots of options for you to consider, including corner tables. These tables are generally very small and are available in many designs. Their top surface can hold a vase or another decorative piece, while they may also have a drawer and a small shelf close to the floor. If you have an open corner in one of your rooms that you know a corner table could augment, here are some designs to consider.

Quarter Round

A lot of corner tables have a quarter-round design. This means that their top surface is one-quarter of a circle — essentially looking like a generous piece of pizza or pie. A quarter-round corner table can be ideal because the curved shape adds visual softness to the room. If you have a round table elsewhere in the room — a dining table, for example — you might wish to look for a quarter-round corner table that uses the same type of wood so that there will be a visual match.


You'll also see a lot of corner tables that have a triangular shape. This shape ensures that the table can snugly fit into the corner of a room without jutting out and creating a sharp obstacle that you might accidentally bump into as you pass. Triangular corner tables can have all sorts of different styles, but you'll find a lot that have a modern design. This can make them a good fit in a living room or home office that you've decorated to look modern.

"L" Shape

Although they're not as common as quarter-round and triangular corner tables, you'll occasionally see some corner tables that have an "L" shape for sale at furniture stores. They often have the appearance of a corner desk, albeit scaled down in size considerably. The surface space of an "L"-shaped corner table means that it can sometimes be smaller than a corner table with another shape, but you can still use it to display small items. For example, a small framed photo or a stack of coasters in a decorative box can work well on this small surface. Visit your local furniture store to look at its corner tables for sale.


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