Flower Planting 101: Simplifying Your Planting Maps

Flower Planting 101: Simplifying Your Planting Maps

Tips For Maintaining Your Air Conditioner This Winter

Juanita Douglas

It is easy to forget about your air conditioner during the winter months when you are trying to keep warm with your heater. Of course, this is not to say that you can completely write off your HVAC system or air conditioner. After all, you are going to want it up and running when you emerge from hibernation as the world heats up again.

This article will provide some helpful tips for keeping your air conditioning system ready to go for next summer.

Change Your Air Filters

Winter is the perfect time to change your air filters, especially if you have been using the air conditioner all summer. Air filters pick up residue throughout the season, which can make your unit less efficient as it works harder to push out air. This means your home is not staying as cool as it could when the heat rolls in too.

Repair Performance Issues

Performance issues are the most common concern for homeowners, but many people do not want to have their AC completely out of commission during the summer. As a result, winter is the perfect time to call in these repairs.

If you notice your performance is not good, something could be wrong with the evaporator coils or even something as simple as your thermostat. A professional can help you with some of these issues.

Assess Your Insulation

Is your home insulated enough to efficiently maintain a good temperature? Issues related to leaks and filtration can make your AC unit much less effective. Now is the best time to assess this issue, especially before the winter gets too intense.

Hire a Professional for Annual Maintenance

When you fail to maintain your air conditioning system, you are not doing your best to keep it running for the upcoming year. Remember that your AC unit does not need to be broken in order to have maintenance. You can hire a professional to come in and clean or lubricate the necessary parts of your system. The maintenance you perform now helps to keep it efficient and effective.

Better maintenance for your air conditioning unit means you have an AC unit that lasts longer. You won't have to face a debilitating AC unit that stops working due to lack of care. Professional air conditioning services can help you create a checklist for the best times to maintain all parts of your HVAC system. The sooner you act, the better.


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