Flower Planting 101: Simplifying Your Planting Maps

Flower Planting 101: Simplifying Your Planting Maps

4 Things To Do & Think About Before Installing Sprinklers In Your Home

Juanita Douglas

Manually watering your yard and all of your landscaping is a time-consuming task. If you have a large yard with landscaping or even a garden, you are going to want to make sure that you have an effective way to water your yard. An effective sprinkler system can help you save a significant amount of water as well as time.

#1 Always Research Utilities

Before you begin setting up a sprinkler system, you need to contact your local utility provider. They can let you know where all the sewer, water, gas, and electrical lines are on your property. Before you ever do any digging on your property, you need to make sure that your new set-up will not interfere with existing utility lines. The last thing you want to do is damage your sewer line when setting up a sprinkler system, so be sure to do your due diligence before you start installing sprinklers on your property.

#2 Hire a Licensed Plumber

Next, you want to hire a licensed plumber to install your sprinkler system. Many sprinkler installers are construction workers without plumbing certification. If you want your irrigation system to be integrated into your existing plumbing system, and set-up correctly, you are going to want to use a licensed plumber. Using a licensed plumber will help ensure that you have the best irrigation set-up possible.

#3 Think About Existing Landscaping

After that, you need to think about existing landscaping. You need to think about where large trees are located as well as large bushes. Large trees and bushes may have deep root systems. You are going to want to work your landscaping around existing trees and bushes. You don't want to damage the tree roots of your existing landscaping when adding in an irrigation system. Make sure that you plan on working around existing roots so that you are able to provide your yard with the water it needs without damaging what is already there.

#4 Splurge for Rain Sensors

When you choose the materials to use for your system, the one thing that you should splurge on is rain sensors. A rain sensor is attached to your home. It is designed to detect when there is rainfall. If it just sprinkles, your sprinklers will still turn on. If it really rains, the sensor will be activated, and your system will not turn on. This is a smart feature that helps ensure that you don't waste water. There is no need to water your grass when it is raining outside.

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Flower Planting 101: Simplifying Your Planting Maps

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